357 Vs 44 Lever Action

357 Vs 44 Lever ActionHere’s a look at the eight best charge-stopping bear cartridges ever made. So all else being equal 44 has higher weight and surface area that will be theoretically more effective on thin skinned game. The Henry Big Boy is easily the most practical of the rifles mentioned in this report. In the words of Gunblast writer Jeff Quinn Quote: " The 357 Magnum out of a carbine barrel is a whole different animal than the same cartridge fired from a four or six inch revolver. There’s the Big Boy X Model, chambered in. Tyler Henry’s rifle set the stage for all those lever actions …. It is a rimmed and large-bore cartridge. 38 Special, Side Gate models also come in. Does performance suffer from a 16" vs 20" barrel in the 45. While the case and overall length are similar, the. 357 will always be easier to shoot and generally more accurate. Here are all the results for both cartridges together. The majority of lever action rifles are chambered in. You will get an edge in pig hunting with the bigger. Took my 2 black hawk 357s, and my Interarms old puma 357 lever action ,and a 100 rds out yesterday,to remind me why i keep them. This inventory includes 357 lever action rifles, 44 mag lever action …. 44 special ammo is not as powerful as the. You are currently reading "Lucky Gunner:. Buffalo Bore also claims that their “Heavy”. It has an 18″ round barrel, weighs a little over six pounds, and holds 9+1 rounds. It’s also been incredibly popular among Alaskan hunters and guides, especially in lever-actions like Marlin. 44 Magnum: Classic Meets Modern. 357 Mag seems to be more common and cheaper than. Lever guns - 357 mag vs 44 magПодробнее. 45-70, but I think I'm going to hold off . I'm looking to buy a Henry Big Boy lever action rifle. The 44 Magnum, 357, and 22 LR are major sellers for a Henry lever-action rifle. Ended up selling them right away, but the rifle was already sold. We have a fair number of people who shoot. I would shoot pistol ammo in both. 357 rifle can do, the 44 mag does a lot better. 44 Special/Magnum ammo and selection compared to. All; 22 LR; 44 Mag; 45 Colt; 357 Mag; 454 Casull; Grey Laminate; Octagonal Barrel; R92 Gold; Rimfire; Rio Bravo; Triple Black . rifle is considered less than adequate. 357 Magnum lever-action rifles with both modern and traditional designs from Winchester, Henry, Chiappa, . com/user?u=5769301 This video was . A 5# rifle running the 300gr gives a stiff little kick with 300 gr. I'm trying to decide whether to get it chambered in. 44 Magnum are a ton of fun with a lever action. 357 Magnum (Rifle Data) Ballistics cartridge. 357 Mag Rifle for Whitetails?. You can get some serious performance loads in a strong lever action. 5-inch round barrel for gloved hands in cold weather. Chris Baker talked about the effective range of 357 and 44 Magnum levers: “Best case scenario, a 357 or 44 Mag lever-action is probably about a 150-yard gun unless you’re just a real superstar in range estimation. 357 Magnum pistol: a 1980s Smith & Wesson Model 686 …. I am new to getting into cowboy shooting and don't have a lot of money for a lever action rifle. All marlin and most winchester lever are 1-38 twist. However, load them in the Henry Big Boy and we pick up 375 fps and 250 fps respectively. Deer hunters have been brainwashed by gun writers. Australia Limited (Thales Australia), a company incorporated in Australia (ACN 008 642 751), trading as Australian Munitions. 99 The Rossi R92 Round Barrel delivers shorter, lighter versions of their big brothers. I'm not much on a 44 Mag, but if the 44 John Taffin made a remark to the effect that "a 357 lever action rifle is your THIRD most useful firearm; first and second being a 22 LR rifle and pistol. 44 Mag, the 1892 Alaskan Take-Down ($1,412 to $1,500) is heralded amongst lever-action …. ) (Caliber, bullet weight at MV, rifle weight - free recoil energy in foot pounds. No groundbreaking revelation here: The smaller cartridge is also the more affordable one. Taurus Accessories; Walther Accessories; Shooting Gear. 44 and a companion S&W Model 686-6 in. [357 Vs 44 Mag Lever Action Rifles] - 16 images - reload ammo founded by m d smith in 1996, pin on chiropractic the olympics, the 25 best 357 lever action ideas on pinterest taurus 357 …. Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy Steel. The Winchester '73 is offered by . Each comes with either a regular lever on a standard 20-inch round barrel or a looped lever …. The 44 mag rifle/carbine is mostly a lever action. Posted By: SargeMO Re: One Lever Action arsensal 357 vs 45 vs …. It will stand up to a jacketed bullet without denting the primer or cause accidental fire. Jun 04, 2020 · And I knew where there was a Marlin lever action in 357 Magnum for sale. The 357 Magnum rifles have very little recoil. A pump-action rifle is a rifle where the forend can be moved forward and backward in order to eject a spent round of ammunition and to chamber a new one. 44 Mag - Which One Is Better?Подробнее. I like a classic lever action, but I find them hard to keep my sight picture with follow-up shots. 357 Vs 44 Mag Lever Action Rifles]. For those not wanting to spend the money on a lever action, another option is a single shot. 38 sp" Taurus Model 692 357/38/9mm 7-Shot Matte Stainless Revolver with 2. I suspect the long action of the 94 is better suited to long rifle cartridges than short pistol cartridges. The R92 is a clone of the Winchester Model 1892, one of the earliest and greatest lever-action. Classic looks and superb balance are enhanced by a shorter barrel. 357 VS 44 MAGNUM PUMA ROSSI. the winchester black shadow and a few others are 1-20, the ruger carbine 44 is 1-20. There is little discernible difference between 44 Magnum and 350 Legend at 100 yards. over 40 yards I hit a deer with one shot and it was bang flop. I am disappointed that Lucky Gun did not try a classic 158 gr. With most rifles that are offered in both cartridges, you’ll get the same ammo capacity — both the Henrys have a seven-shot tube. Re: Lever action rifles for pig hunting. 357 Magnum Rifle is surprisingly effective in the self defense role. 327 Federal Magnum rifle can also shoot. Category: Marlin Lever Action Product ID: 1609. 44 Rimfire, this gun changed the world and B. 357 due to the heavier cartridge weight and the increased diameter of the barrel. Specs: Barrel Length: 20″ Capacity: 10 Rounds; Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel. Marlin Lever Action Rifle Shootout - Kmart. if you are serious about hunting the. Our selection of lever action rifles is always growing, evolving, and changing. As for bullet energy, the 357 comes out at 566 ft-lbs while the 44 creates 832 & 904 ft-lbs. 158 grains in the 357 conjured. 357 Mag is a much smaller diameter bullet than its. 44 Mag lever guninterchangeable ammunitionsimplifies logistics. I'm thinking about selling my. 44 Magnum simply because I have a Marlin. 44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles (in this . Rossi R92 (923571693) This brand new Rossi R92 (923571693) is a lever action rifle which fires the. This cartridge was and is still popular for its powerful performance …. I've got a 20" 'JM' Marlin in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work out that way, and for many people, the main limiting factor is money. Why? Because I have revolvers in that size. 357 Magnum (1934-1935) is the only …. Paul tests 357 magnum and 44 magnum out of lever action carbines. 44 Remington Magnum is suitable for use in revolver and lever-action rifles. 44 Magnum Lever Actions", entry #25920 on The Captain's Journal. Mossberg was one of the first companies to offer a tactical-style, lever-action rifle with the introduction of its Model 464 …. 357 Magnum (Rifle Data) Ballistics GunData. 44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles (in …. 410 slug and she said it kicked. Then in the fall of 2005 I acquired a companion piece to it, an early '80s Marlin 1894 in. Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub Take Down Rifle 22 LR 18. Realistically, for most of us, for any practical purpose, it’s more like a 100 yard or 125-yard gun with maybe some wiggle room. 357 will penetrate well with good quality bullets, (think punching through matted hair and mud), the 44 doesn't penetrate as well but hits with . Most of the increase in velocity and energy is from the lack of a b/c gap when compared to traditional revolver ballistics. If you’re only going to be using the gun for plinking, there’s no real reason to go with. With either of the magnums, you’ll pay a lot less for the ammo than you would for. Given a similar gun and barrel length, the. 357 Magnum sixgun is the Lyman #358156GC bullet over 14. This rifle is chambered for the. As it comes, it’s reasonably configured for personal protection. 38, there's no recoil to speak of, and the pistol will not over-penetrate in an urban setting but the carbine can still give someone what-for. gerrycaruso said: I have an old 94 in. I'm planning on using it as a fun shooter and possibly to hunt whitetail. Search Results for: "cimarron mp405 model p 7 1 2. Rossi R92 44 Mag Lever-Action Carbine with Stainless Finish and Brazilian Hardwood Stock. Marlin 1894C 357/38 Special Lever. Jun 17, 2017 · But as a ‘one and only’, I’d select a model in. I sold it and bought a Rossi SS. That length is also the longest that would cycle through the Marlin Model 1894 and Winchester Model 94 lever-action. by Combat_Wombat » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:31 am. We tested their useful range, ballistics, velocity, and more www. A lever gun in 357 is some of the most fun you can have with your pants on. Are Lever Action Rifles A Good Choice for Self Defense. At 200 yards, the Fiocchi 240-grain joined the Black Hills load at -26 inches. What's the useful range of these cartridges with rifle length barrels?. The rifles/carbines with a steel curved butt plate in 44 Magnum do have a little bite with full loads. Today, we’re reviewing the Henry Big Boy X Models; both the. The only reason the 357 Magnum is not a preferred cartridge to a semi-auto pistol is ammo capacity. 357 Magnum 140 grain Flex Tip eXpanding Brass Cased Centerfire Pistol Ammo, 25 Rounds, 92755 Related products Best …. Description Hornady LEVERevolution. These are the Henry Big Boy, Marlin 1894C, and Uberti 1873. With the right loads they are effective on game. Was looking at a Henry Lever Action in. 44 is cheaper and more common as well as packing a big punch than. 357: Difference in Specifications Alkaline LR44 Battery vs. This has made Marlin lever guns. Henry Big Boy Steel Side Gate. 357 marlin CSBL and a Browning B92. Lever action + revolver combo:. 44mag vs 357mag on lever action rifle? : guns. Best Lever action rifle in 44 mag. Even less energy is a 230gr at 800fps from a 45acp 327 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. 357 Magnum is first a “hand gun cartridge,” it is designed to. The most common calibers to find in a lever action are. 357 out of a nice carbine is a very different animal than 357 …. Although LR44 and 357 batteries look the same shape, they perform differently. 44 mag you can shoot 180 gr if you dont like recoil. The 44 magnum is about 50% more powerful than the 357 magnum. 5 inch 357 and a 4 inch 357 are a little greater (150-200) fps, but still much less than the difference good shot placement …. If you're trying to decide on a lever-action for self-defense, this gun should be on your short-list. 357 Magnum so it would be a better hunting rifle. The combination of a sealed breech and long barrel really brings the efficient little cartridge to life, and it can. 357 Magnum start at Champion Firearms- Made In America And Priced Right 351 SL for being inadequate as a deer round, and while the round's power has sometimes been compared to a 99 0 $1,499 38 Special Lever Action Rifle SN# BBR007595M, With Receiver Sock And Brass Accents, In Original Box View details Winning Bid $ 730 357 SIG was $ 357 …. The big difference to me has been handling. 357’s a older pre cross bolt safety Marlin 1894 & a Rossi R92. 44 magnum ammo, when fired from a lever action, isn't bad at all. Even though the 357 magnum was phased out by law enforcement over 30 years ago, the cartridge has a. Marlin’s 1894 was a levergun chambered in sixgun cartridges, while their Model 1893 housed. Chiappa Firearms LA322 Take Down Lever Action …. The company’s open Romeo 3 and Romeo 5 are good choices for lever guns. revolvers for a long time, but for some reason a. Each round is available with a variety of bullet weights ( 357 Mag = 110 to 180 grains; 44. 44 Mag at a distance of around 100 yards, but they do perform quite similar at the 50 yards mark. Henry Big Boy X Model Lever Rifle 7 RD 357 Magnum 38 Speci Price $970. Yes, I know you can get 180 grain 45 Colt bullets but I feel most would use a larger, more period correct lead cast bullet in the 45. 158gr 357 or 240gr 44, I figure either will have enough energy for the purpose. 44 Magnum lever action carbine OK for for home defense or should I get a pistol in matching caliber? Are you expecting …. It’s nice to be able to hit a marauding gnat at 300 yards, but in most cases if your home-defense rifle can hold inside 4 inches at 100 yards, it’ll be good enough. This is really one of those great questions that's hard to answer unless you have. 158 grains in the 357 conjured up an average velocity of 1363 fps and 651 foot-pounds of energy, while 240 grains in the 44 gave him 1270 fps . With a boxed magazine, centerfire BLR rifles offer power and accuracy in quick handling and easy-to-carry rifles. 243 WIN 20-Inch 4 Rounds Lever Action. 357 Magnum should work very well. 357 mag rifles seems to be , 45 colt is difficult, 41 really hard Much has been written on the usefulness of the 357 Magnum in a lever action carbine If you have a lever-action 44 mag handguns and prefer 44 …. Re: One Lever Action arsensal 357 vs 45 vs 30-30 - 02/16/18. 45-70 Boarbuster and Rossi’s R92 Triple Black carbine in. There seem to be plenty of 44's but no 357…. I'm a lever gun guy from way back, and have hunted hogs, deer, and bear with them (30-30, 45-70, and 44 Mag)and in my opinion, which in this . 44 magnum; but thought it might be more recoil We shoot leverguns in cowboy action. 357 magnum like the Marlin 1894 (top). 44 also tend to be more available rounds than either. I grew up on Western films and series, so few things have been as iconic to me as single-action revolvers and lever-action rifles. Hunters have been successfully taking deer with. Overall, they’re pretty comparable. 44 if you want to take larger game, but I think the range would be about the same. 357 Mag has higher velocity compared to the. In all three comparisons, we see the. Each comes with either a regular lever on a standard 20-inch round barrel or a looped lever on a compact 16. 357 Magnum cartridge over the established 1. Handgun Cartridges in Rifles. Rossi Model 92 357 Mag Lever-Action Carbine with Stainless Barrel. To balance the guns, he uses a Smith & Wesson Model 29 in. Home Forums Lever Action Central Lever Actions - General 357 vs 44 mag in carbines: What the. 357 is a good choice for a field gun. Top to Bottom Winchester 94 in 45 Colt, Henry 22LR, Winchester 94 Carbine 30-30, Savage 99 in 300 Savage, Winchester 94 Trapper 30-30, Marlin 30AS 30-30. 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum Carbines. The longer tube of the rifle will give you higher velocity than the. 44 Magnum Lever Actions - Lucky Gunner Lounge A deep dive into. #1 Interesting information for lever action rifles. Shooting 357 mag and 44 mag side by side. Theres no point in 44-40 unless you are buying an old gun chambered in that calibre. The Big Boy is one of many rifles from Henry Repeating Arms, based in Bayonne, New Jersey. It is interesting how much more oomph the 44 …. The first Winchester rifle was the 1866. Furthermore, with the right load the magnum can easily break the 2,000-fps mark. Lever-Action Rifles Ready for Any Action. Switch to jacketed bullets in the. The 357 cartridge from rifle is quite good for whitetail. I would have to hold the lever …. Cheap to shoot and easy to reload. 357 Magnum 140-grain Leverevolution that claims to get 1850 fps and 1064 lb-ft from an 18″ carbine. Now lets get past deer hunting. 44 Magnum chambered, 16-inch barreled Alaskan Rifle to be easily controllable for fast follow-up shots. 44 Magnum lever action carbine OK for for home defense or should I get a pistol in matching caliber? Are you expecting to be burglarized by a bear, moose, or wild pig?. As I was looking for, you've all provided many pros/cons to the 357 vs 44 mag / lever action combinations. The 44 Mag’s case is nearly the same length as the 357 Mag’s, but its greater diameter gives it approximately 45 percent more capacity for propellant. 44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles. 44 Magnum lever action carbine OK for for home. If plinking and hunting with them, I'd prefer the lesser cost . Chris Baker talked about the effective range of 357 and 44 Magnum levers: “Best case scenario, a 357 or 44 Mag lever-action is probably about a …. 44mag lever carbine for a few years that was an absolute dandy little brush gun. 45 LC Lever Action Rifle H012GC 10+1 20". The OP is asking what's the best lever action in. 357 Magnum rifle can also fire less powerful. Model 1873 and cowboys…kinda synonymous. The Rim Diameter of this cartridge is. Henry Repeating Arms offers the blued-steel receiver version of its Big Boy lever-action rifle in. Which is a better lever action rifle a 357 magnum or a 44 magnum?. 357 180 grain jhp over 2400 gives between 600-950 fps (handgun min/max) and same load fires 1143-1500 fps (min/max) from rifle. 590-inch length will not fit or cycle through the Uberti’s action. version was put through its paces. Just stick with plinking or does it have any uses outside of that? Regarding the 45 colt lever action rifle, I've heard you can load 44 mag . 45-70 Government has been one of the longest-standing big-game cartridges of all time. There's also lever guns chambered for. 357 Mag, the difference is even smaller. That's changed a little since several big box stores stopped selling ammo but When I got into 357 levers a while back, one thing that hadnt occured to me previously was the economy. Disclaimer - I'm looking at purchasing a 357 or 44 lever gun. If the SHTF*, which would you go with, given the availability of local ammo, and the fact that 357 might be over-kill for somethings, yet the 44 …. By the way I have a 22 LR, 32 H&R, 327 mag, 357 mag and a 44 mag all in lever action Marlin and Henry. All; 22 LR; 44 Mag; 45 Colt; 357 Mag; 454 Casull; Grey Laminate; Octagonal Barrel; R92 44 Mag 24" 12 Rounds Octagonal Barrel Stainless Steel / Brazilian Hardwood $907. If I were to hunt deer once in awhile and the. The 350 Legend will tend to have more penetration, but the 44 …. 44 and I have to say I favour the. At a deer or smaller sized target I wouldn't care. The 44 mag looks great at the muzzle but at longer ranges the 38-55 will surpass it with good handloads. adjustable peep sights for marlin lever action rifles. A note on grizzly bears: they are smart, strong, mean, bulky, motivated and fast. Quer elas sejam usadas ​​na caça ou para defesa, duas das armas mais respeitadas são a Magnum 357 e a Special 44. Henry Golden Boy EMS Tribute Edition Lever …. Today there are many options for. 357mag lever action to go with my …. 357 Magnum, especially since you said target or plinking use. Looked at a new Marlin at a Cabelas and it the quality seemed quite good. 1-38 is perfect for 200-265 grains bullets and 95% of ammo sold is under 265 and most likely 90% sold is 240 grain. 223 and a variety of revolver calibers, including the. If you want a faster velocity, you always have the option to choose smaller and lighter bullets. 357 a weak cartridge by any means, it simply can’t match the extreme force of the. 357 Magnum Lever-Action Rifles. Given the choice between an M1 carbine or a lever action. 327 Federal Magnum rifle can also …. Looking for the latest in the tactical lever-action rifle market? Here are six models available right now. Lucky Gunner article in new lever action series. 44 is almost too much to handle when it comes to the same two criteria. 357 magnum lever action enough gun for Pigs?. Not sure about the 357 and 45 or even 41 or 44 …. 357 vs 44 mag Accuracy and Range. The old and distinctly American lever rifle, chambered for a pistol carbines for defense are chambered for. 357 magnum lever action ammo. Not the best external ballistics, but the rifle as a whole is a great package for agility. If you compare a 16” 30-30 to a 16”. Many almost believe that if their cartridge cannot push bullets to 3,000 fps or ring . 357 magnum scoped lever action would then augment one of my. The design of the BLR is as modern as tomorrow with an aircraft-grade alloy receiver, glass-smooth rack and pinion system and multi-lug rotating. This cartridge was and is still popular for its powerful performance and strength. Plus, most of them seem to have a more compact stock which I don’t prefer. 357 Magnum and Lever action rifles are often powerhouses that harken back to the days of the American West At 75 yards with the rifle the 44 Magnum rifles ever produced 357 Magnum vs 357 Magnum vs…. However, I wanted to sell a couple of things to finance this rifle. This 357 mag vs 44 mag is very much like the 243 vs 30-06 discussions/arguments that have been ongoing for years. 357 carbine at 2000 fps, your retained velocity at 200 will be around 1250- typical handgun muzzle velocity for today’s watered-down. 357 Mag is smaller compared to the. We don’t stop there, in fact as a dealer for Henry, Marlin, Rossi, Winchester, and more we carry lever action rifles in a multitude of calibers. Designed to use popular handgun calibers, it allowed shooters to carry a single caliber of ammo. Search: Reloading For Henry 44 Mag. I voted 357 mag however if I already had 44 mag handgun I'd possibly choose the 44 mag or possibly the 45 LC. They also come in your choice of. I'm going to buy a lever gun to use at range and deer hunt with so I can justify it to myself. The 44 Magnum is easier to feed and cheaper. The Henry X Model 357 and 44 Magnum: Classic Meets Modern. This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. 44 Magnum will punch through heavy brush, muscle and bone better than the lighter. And then we come to my personal favorite lever gun, Winchester's model 1894 rifle. Rossi R92 357 MAG Lever Action Rifle with Wood Stock $699. There have been some single-shot rifles made here and there, but most are Lever guns. Love both rifles both serve a purpose the Marlin is scoped the Rossi I use the open sights. I've wanted a lever gun for some time now and I think I'm ready to buy one. For a pistol cartridge that’s moving. If you were going to use it for hunting, then definitely get the. A close relative of mine, actually my wife's, has decided that he wants a Henry Lever Action rifle. I consider the fun factor in lever actions in pistol calibers over capability. Give those guns something kinder to lie upon. 357 Magnum compared to other rifles?” Very weak. The 357 magnum is a handgun cartridge that refuses to fade away. 357 Magnum 1,610 fps vs 1,180 fps; 44 Rem. com, out of a 16-inch rifle the. I'm in the market for a 357 lever action rifle. 45 COLT Important: Thank you for purchasing your new Henry Lever Action Rifle. 357 because of ammo prices but I also know. I agree these are 150 yard rifles scoped and inside 100 yards is better. The X Model is Henry’s take on a classic lever action …. 357 Magnum Lever-Action Rifles · 1. Welcome to Part III of our lever action ballistics series. Winchester 1892 Deluxe 357 Magnum Lever-Action Rifle with 24 Inch Octagon Barrel. The Rossi clone lives up to the legend, and offers some nice modern features. 45 colt ammo and cowboy ammo that I use for practice is not. On average, a good lever-action revolver-caliber rifle (or carbine, a rifle with a relatively shorter barrel) will cost anywhere from $800 up to . And priority three, believe it or not, brings accuracy in last. They both shoot great, the only one that can shoot better groups is the scoped Marlin 357. 44 Magnum; the Winchester 1892 in. 357 vs 44 mag lever action opinion. 357 Magnum levergun and things get really interesting. The 45-70 is an amazing round, really a lot of fun, and easy to reload. This inventory includes 357 lever action rifles, 44 mag lever action rifles, and more. The later one has a more voluminous cartridge, which helps store more gun powder, and it is also able to take better pressure after ignition. 357 is categorically less powerful in terms of available foot-pounds and bullet mass. 44 ammo, Hornady Leverevolution is a spitzer style bullet with a polymer tip, making it safe for use in a lever-action magazine. 357mag with the brass receiver but, I didn't like the tube mag. 357 Lever-Action Rifle on the market. Lever Action Rifles: We’re all about lever gun love!. Chambered in 44 Magnum, 45 Colt, and 357 Magnum, Henry also offers special-edition rifles in the Deluxe II, Wildlife II, or Cowboy II editions. I remember on my 336 it had the safety detent underneath the lever and every time I would load the gun the lever would pop open. 357 balances your options in favor of the smaller …. For one it has very low recoil even out of a 16" rossi for a young hunter/shooter, who won't be shooting much beyond 100 yds anyway. I know the 44 will preform better. 30/30 and for a youngster the light recoil of the. Rossi Model 92 357 Mag Lever-Action Carbine with Stainless Barrel - $769. 00 a box for Hornady Lever evolution rounds for hunting for my. 357 Magnum Carbine, Perfected. I am debating purchasing either a. 357 is a great lever gun is because it's soft shooting, and shooting 357's really brings out the cartridge. The Henry wasn’t the first lever action rifle, but it was the first one to be commercially successful. 45LC Carbine w/ Side Gate 7+1 16. Reviews (0) Fast-handling version of the famous Model 1894. The 357 out of a rifle will kill deer, but in my opinion it has to be a very well placed shot. From top to bottom these rifles are: Marlin Model 336 (. Given the choice, hunters will want a Winchester, Marlin, Rossi, or Henry. I want to pick up a lever action purely for suppressed plinking. Answer (1 of 3): “How is the lever action of the. The Winchester Model 1873 is an iconic rifle commonly referred to as “The Gun …. The 357 mag lever would possibly be a backup; if it happened to be in the truck; for a deer rifle. Muzzle energy of handgun between …. Despite the fact there is little commercial production for the. Bullet diameter and weight are both slightly more than a 150 grain 30-30, and the velocity is up to 1650-1800 FPS, where the 30-30 has about 2150- 2300 FPS. 44 Magnum can be quite fun, Henry and Marlin both make a lever-action. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - 357 vs 44 mag Accuracy and Range. 44 Mag that's about the slickest handling carbine I've ever had. Marlin 1894C 357/38 Special Lever-Action Rifle. 44 special ammo fired from the pistol is controllable and okay for basic use. H006M 357 Magnum/38 Special, $900, differed markedly from the other two. Posted By: SargeMO Re: One Lever Action arsensal 357 vs 45 vs 30-30 - 07/02/18. 44 Mag lever action is probably a 150-yard gun unless you’re just ….  Marlin's re-introduction of the model 1894 chambered in the. ruger made a semi 44 mag but i believe they have been discontinued, they are fairly pricey to. Marlin 1894 is a great rifle, but ammo cost alone keeps it from being my go-to levergun when I head out. 44 Magnum Lever Action 10rd 20" Rifle H012. Rossi R92 357 MAG Lever Action Rifle with Wood Stock $790. I know the 357 gets a lot of love but if I'm only planning on shooting special out of both is there a big difference between the two? Will I see much sound difference?. for anyone interested in hard data contrasting 357 & 44 Mag ammo as fired out of Henry rifles, the YouTube video below is well worth watching with many of us having a companion revolver, it also gives good info on the the difference in performance in bullets fired from a rifle and a revolver it isn't a thrill. A place for responsible gun owners and enthusiasts to talk about guns without the politics. Introduced in 1935, it was used by numerous law enforcement agencies for decades. " The Model 1873 is one of the few firearms. Muzzle velocity from a 4-5/8″ Ruger Old Model Flat-Top are 1,050 fps and 1,150 feet per second respectively. A couple of years later the 44 Magnum Marlin was sold off to a Texan, the. 5" super black hawk 44 mag with the Lee 310 modified to plain base, powder coated with 19. All three are featured in full length reviews that can be found on the Product Review Page. 45 Colt Barrel finish, sight setup, and lever-style will all be determined by the model and size (long or short) of the Big Boy you select, but any model will be built Henry tough. Speaking of take-down lever guns, Chiappa makes a good copy of the 1892 chambered in 357 Mag. 357 Magnum stronger than a 44 Magnum? We will take a look at these high velocity and hard-hitting handgun cartridges. Unless you need the greater power of the. 357’s velocity jumps on average around 500 fps at the muzzle compared to out of a 4-inch revolver. First, the Rossi is a very high-quality clone and performs every bit as well as an original Model 1892. 45 LC, but, using slower 'magnum' handgun powders - like H-110 or Power Pro, or even 2400 - a. 44 numerous times so that I can carry the same ammo for pistol and rifle. 99; In Stock Brand: Rossi; Item Number: 923571613; Rossi R92 357 Magnum Lever Action …. 357 has a slight edge in terms of firearm weight and capacity, with some models weighing only a bit over a pound and holding eight rounds. Henry Big Boy, Marlin 1894C and Uberti …. 44's never cheap even reloading, and while the capacity is nice, it's kind of a chore stuffing 10 short rounds in. 444 Marlin, in close to that order. So far as an 'optimum length', I suspect that's pretty much a matter of personal taste.